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Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Make a Night Car Trip Safe

All drivers, whether expert or amateur that time the most complicated for driving is night time. It Is easy to explain - People Are not Designed for night life, That Is Why all senses deadening Especially eyesight. It is easy to explain - people are not designed for nightlife, so all the damping effect in particular the view. To Reduce or Even lover Completely risk of night car crash you must follow simple rules listed under. A lover or even completely reduce the risk of car accidents at night, you must follow simple rules listed below.

Regulation of headlights. Most number of drivers has "simple" cars in Which There Is No option of automatic regulation of headlights. Regulation of lighthouses. The largest number of pilots have "simple" cars in which there is no option of automatic headlights. Because Of That Before Night trip Things You Should do followings: If There Is Different weight load of front axle and back axle That You Should Switch To The right position of regulator of headlights (if on back passenger seats Than Will Be a "1" , if two - the "2" if you plan to load your luggage rack Than "3" position). Because of this prior to travel at night, you must do the following: if there are different weight load of the front axle and rear axle you have to switch to the proper position of regulator headlights (if the rear seats are a passenger that the position "1" if both - the "2" if you plan to load your rack position "3").

Upper and lower beam. While you try to catch up automobile Towards you take off your upper beam Because I'm his driver vehicle Can Be His Own by dazzle rear-view mirror. Upper and lower beam. While you try to catch you off your car upper beam because the driver of that vehicle may be dazzled by his own mirror. Remember to switch on lower beam from upper When There Is Any vehicle Approaching For You On The Other Side of the road. Remember to switch to the lower beam high when there is any vehicle approaching you on the other side of the road.

Clear - means safe. Safety of traffic depends on Quality of vision. Clear - safe means vision. Traffic safety depends on quality. That Is Why You Should clean your windshield from Both Sides at least one or two times in a month. That's why you should clean your windshield on both sides at least once or twice a month. Also you should "remove fat from it in order to Avoid grease stains. Also, you should remove the fat from her to avoid grease stains. This oil spots refract light at night Cdn Cdn That Loses biased because of good vision of the road. This oil stains can refract light in the night can cause partial vision loses much of the road.

Turn on your headlight in right time. Lower beam turn on Düring Should Be Because twilight That Time Is The worst time for driving. Turn your headlight in good time. Lower beam should be turned on during the twilight because time is the worst time for driving. By doing That You Will Raise Possibility That You Will Be seen by drivers in right Other Time Before Anything bad will Happen. By doing this you will raise possibility that you will be seen by other drivers in time just before something bad happens.

Stay aware of oncoming cars. Even if you and oncoming driver because of your headlights switched Both are lower beam There Is Still Possibility to get little dazzle. Stay tuned in the opposite direction of carriages. Even if you and the driver of the oncoming car at a time turned lower beam headlights on it is still possible to get little dazzle. In order to shorten reaction time of just move your leg from gas to brake pedal. To shorten the reaction time just move your leg from gas to brake pedal.

Danger of one working headlight. Often on the road You Will see With only one light vehicles in order, It Is Not Always remember motorcycle. Danger of a working lighthouse. Often on the road you will see vehicles with one light in order, remember that it is not always the bike. Do not make guesser, Take the worst variant - Consider It did auto headlight With One And That It Is Positioned To The Left from you. Do not speculate, take the worst alternative - consider it the car with a lighthouse and is placed to the left of you. So, Be Ready to Quickly react to Prevent car crash. So, be prepared to react quickly to avoid a car accident.

Do not allow to dazzle you. Many reckless drivers do not obey rules of night time driving, and while THEY Approaching to oncoming cars They Do not switch on lower beam. Do not let yourself be dazzled. Many reckless drivers do not respect the rules of driving at night, and while they approach the oncoming cars, they do not pass on the lower beam. In order not to Be blinded you should "watch little bit sideways to the Side of the road. In order not to be blinded, you should look a little on the side of the side of the road.

Up-down. If your headlights produit Correctly They Will Give little bit light Downwards. High-low. If your headlights properly adjusted, they give the light down low. Remember When You are about it going up hill Some, You Can they dazzle oncoming vehicle driver. Remember about that when you climb a hill, you can dazzle drivers on oncoming vehicle. And The Same exact Can Happen With You too, just Remember That It Is potential dangerous situation. And exactly the same thing can happen with you too, remember that it is the potential dangerous situation.

Do not know - do not rush. Night driving on unknown road hides a lot of danger, You Should Be careful as never before. Do not know - do not rush forward. Driving at night on the road hides many unknown dangers, you must be careful as ever. Do not rush not "knowing the road and Its cover. Do not rush do not know the route and its lid. In the night vision and reaction time and DECREASE It Will Be a lot harder to react On The Road With icts unknown surprises. Decreases in vision and reaction time of the night and it will be much harder to react on the unknown road with its surprises. Maintain speed is Which You Can Easily and fast they react Arisen dangerous problem. Maintain the speed at which you can easily and quickly react to the dangerous problem.

Stay aware of trucks. This rule est très urgent Because in night time Many trucks do not Have all fender lights working. Stay tuned trucks. This rule is very urgent, because a lot of time in trucks at night all the lights were not working wing. You should "approach" to trucks With Utmost care. You must approach the truck with great care. Especially Sometimes sizes of transport vehicles by Widen Can Be Some cargo like pipe gold trunks. Especially at times the size of transport vehicles can be expanded by some of the cargo such as pipes or logs.

Do not sleep. As We Mentioned Already, people are not Designed for night life, That's Why People Get attention Lowers and sleepy. Do not sleep. As we already mentioned, people are not designed for nightlife, so the attention and people fall asleep. Düring night time long trips because you CAN put Under Your Tongue piece of lemon. During the long night of car travel time you can put under your tongue piece of lemon. Sour taste in your mouth will not let you sleep And Also It Will Improve Your Sight. bitter taste in the mouth will not let you sleep and it will improve your eyesight. This trick IS Widely Used by military pilots. This trick is widely used by military pilots.


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