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Friday, November 11, 2011

Car Headlights - Make Your Way Brighter Through Car Headlights

A headlight is basically a headlamp which is usually fixed at the front side of the car. It's used to provide light in the dark ways or while driving at the night time. It illuminates the road with bright light and allows the driver to see the road and drive car perfectly. Car headlights are also known as the headlamps of the car.

Headlights play a very crucial role in driving a car because it provides you the facility to drive the car smoothly and perfectly at the night time. It improved throughout the automobiles age. US highway administration surveyed that all the major accidents and fatalities occur in the dark at night, regardless of the fact that only 25% of the traffic traveling is at night.

In the starting, when car was invented, headlights were fueled by oil and acetylene which were introduced in 1880. Acetylene was famous because it resisted the wind and rain. The first electric headlight was introduced by the electric company of Hartford in 1889. This electric headlight was introduced with the electric car.

The standardized round sealed beam was introduced in the start of 1940 and was soon famous and started coming with all vehicles in the US, Australia, Britain and other commonwealth countries. After the launching of round sealed beam lights, Japan subtly modified these lights and again reintroduced these lights with their own name.

Car headlights are very important these days. Nowadays, different types of headlights have been introduced which are brighter and powerful than the earlier versions. It is more necessary to have powerful lights because it helps you to see in dark as a countless lighted area. Now the headlights have tendency to illuminate light more than 4 fluorescent bulbs.

The first Halogen headlight was used in 1962 by an association of European Bulb and headlamp makers. Halogen technology is a very useful technology and can produce more candent filaments and brighter light than the non-halogen headlights. The Halogen technology was banned in US for about ten years, because the majority was using the sealed beam lamps. After 1978, US government allowed to modify the car's headlights with halogen car headlights.

Beyond all these mechanisms, engineering and history, several companies are now offering a variety of headlights like OEM, projector and aftermarket headlights. Headlights are now very cheap and easily available everywhere in the market. It is essential to take care of the car's headlight, because it will beneficial for you in driving on a darker way.

OEM headlights stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These headlights have better results as compared to the others because these headlights are company manufactured and original. Those buyers, who want better results, should buy OEM headlights.

Projector headlights are the headlights with magnificent bright lights. It offers a fashionable look and a very bright light to your car. If you want better results with fashionable look, then projector headlights is the choice for you.

There are now different types and categories of the headlights and these types and categories are increasing day by day. Car Headlights affect your driving at night time so it is highly recommended to check your headlights while going on highway at night. Always buy the headlights from original companies, because those headlights are original and give better performance than others cheap locally manufactured lights.


anieb said...

Headlights play a very crucial role in Auto Care Just do it regular for your auto.

daniel jones said...

Clean bright lights are far better than soft yellow lights which fades during course of service life. Variety of HID lights are available in market which give a fine bright light making driver comfortable to drive at dark night time .
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