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Friday, October 8, 2010

How to choose a speed car

Speed thrills every single person on this planet. Some enjoy this feeling of adrenaline rush and others get scared. But even the people who get scared somehow feel the rush. Having a speed car is the best way of experiencing fun and fear at the same instant. It should be noted that a speed car can be fun only when n the hands of an experienced and controlled driver.

Speed does excite everyone but only a few can afford it. There are several features that are analyzed before choosing a speed car. The speed cars are formulated to take sharp turns at high speeds and maintain the momentum. The various features have been discussed here.

Power: speed can be thought as the by-product of power. The speed can be fuelled with the power contained in the machine. While choosing a speed car its power is the first thing that needs to be analyzed.

Weight: apart from the power of the speed car, its relative weight ratio is another determining factor. If the car is to heavy then it can never attain a very speed. On the other hand if the weight is kept too low then the chances of the car crash increases. Hence a car needs to be chosen such that it can reach maximum speed and can remain on the road.

Fuel efficiency: though when considering speed cars, fuel efficiency is not really taken into account but still if a package of high speed with fuel efficiency is available, it’s the best thing one can ask for.

Cost: another determining factor is the cost of the car. the car company should be asking for apt amount of cost for its product. Speed cars do range high but they need to be reasonable.

Design: the design of the car also determines its speed. Now a days almost all the cars are designed aerodynamically. The term aerodynamic design is helpful in reducing the air resistance when the car attains a high speed. The car body is made stream lined. The front of the car is made narrow and tapered so that it can easily cut through the air at a high speed.

Technology: the technology is advancing on daily basis. Newer and better options are made available in market. The speed cars also incorporate various latest technologies. When you go out to choose a speed car, another fact to be seen is that the car is equipped with the latest technology that is being offered in the market.

There are some very renowned companies that offer high speed cars. Many automobile companies have been working on the various features mentioned above in order to make the best possible product. Some of the high speed cars and their manufacturers have been listed as under, I hope it would be oh help for you to choose a speed car.

* Hyundai genesis coupe 3.8 R-spec
* Nissan GT-R
* Ferrari
* Audi R8- GT
* Aston Martin
* Donto P1
* mcLaren MP4

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