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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Protect Your Precious Vehicle With Headlight Covers

Take this-you're driving around in your brand new car, when a piece of stone you're your car leaves a scratch on the shining new paint on the body of your car. Stone chips can be a menace, when you're driving. They come underneath the tires of your car and often get deflected on to places like the fenders, hood, headlights, and mirror faces of your car causing damage that end up costing you a lot of money to replace the parts. The market has a broad collection of protection kits that can prevent materials like chipped stones, debris, and gravel stones from damaging your car.

There are separate stone grad protection kits available in the market to shield your fenders, hood, mirror faces and all visible parts of your car that are most vulnerable to damage from flying pieces of stone. The bumpers of your car, for instance, are made of therm plastic these days and are constantly exposed to all kinds of debris flying off the rear tires of your car. For the headlights and fog lights of your car you can find headlight covers in the market that keep these sensitive parts of your vehicle away from harm. A lot of people have the notion, since, most headlights these days are made of acrylic and not glass they are not prone to damage. But, in fact, these acrylic plastic lenses are extremely vulnerable to scratches and cracks. And, often when they get cracks moisture seeps in to the interiors spoiling the circuits, so that there is reduced output from your lights.

Particularly, if you drive a lot on the rough terrains and dusty roads a lot you should consider getting stone grad protector shields for the side frames and the roof of your car. This guard will also take care of the vulnerable windshield of your car. Then there are the rocker panels of your car, located right below the doors and stretching from the end of the front tires to the beginning of the rear tires. These panels have to regularly withstand wear and tear due to people scraping off paint with their shoes, while they get in and out of cars, and should be well protected to ensure that your car keeps looking like new for a long time. You could use Scotchman protector for this part of your vehicle.

To ensure overall protection you could lie down underneath your car and apply Scotchman protection paint to the inside portions of the bumpers of your car. This will make sure that every time you take your car out for a ride you get a few eyes turning to look at the shine on your car. Your car, after all, is your pride; who wants to run around town in a dusty looking old battered car? Not you!

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